Where can I get information about Skill Development Schemes?

We have simplified it for you. Just click on the box marked “Schemes” on the home page and you will be routed to page where you can get direct links to all of the schemes.

Why everybody is talking about skill development?

Just think, in your day to day life you need services of how many teachers or high end technicals or management people. Your answer will be very few. But when you make a list of support professionals or skilled resources, you can easily find numerous. You need domestic workers, cooks, car cleaners, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, cobblers, painters, hair stylist and hundreds of such people. From this you can easily conclude that, you need more skilled hands than just academically qualified.

How industry can contribute in skill development?

Industry is the key driver of any economy. It provides engagement to people and channelize their energy. These engaged people are provided access to machines and services to produce further and the cycle goes on and on. Since industry is pool of resources, it can play important role in skill development of the society. It can act as an actual learning place by providing “Apprenticeship Training”. By becoming member of Sector Skill Councils, it can help to identify job roles, debate on future of jobs or assist content agencies to create relevant content or guide implementation partners to design need specific training. Even without being member, it can assist validation of National Occupational Standards. Through its CSR contributions, it can fund the development initiatives going on or can plan some impact making project from their CSR mandate.

Can you arrange our meeting with Government officials?

No. We can’t assist you in arranging some meeting. We can just guide you about the concerned department and provide you the official contact information related to the concerned office bearer. We do not entertain liasioning.

I would like to meet Federation officials to discuss some proposal. How can I?

You need to send an overview of your proposed project. If it meets Federation fundamentals and interests our chairman, you will be acknowledged with an appointment schedule. Meetings with the Federation officials are subjected to prior appointment only.

Does Federation funds innovation led projects in Education or Skill Development sector?

Currently Federation is not accepting any proposal to be funded but it can recommend you to some other funding agencies / corporate, subjected to the validity of the proposed intervention.

I find Federation’s vision, mission, and philosophy matching my ideology. I want to become a long term contributor to the Federation. How can I?

Federation appreciates such thinkers and welcomes their onboarding. Federation has created a pool of responsible citizens who will be somehow engaged with the different internal functionality of the Federation. Some of these engagements are on paid bases and some are on volunteering basis. You should share your descriptive CV along with your social profile ids and if found suitable, will be called for one to one discussion with the top management.

What is this Federation all about ?

Federation is a non-profit organization, working as an industry body for Education, Technical, Vocational Education and Training (TVET) ecosystem stakeholders to improve the status of education and skill development in the society.

Why was this Federation formed?

Federation is created with the sole purpose “Betterment of Education and Skill Development Ecosystem” to improve the socio-economic condition of the society.

How does this Federation functions?

Being an innovation led and information focused organization, Federationworks majorly in online mode. Beside this, Federation through its working committees, functional groups and advisory panels, organize events like Awareness Drives, Workshops, Summits, Conferences to connect and extend the outreach.

How this Federation will contribute to the education and skill development ecosystem?

Lack of Awareness, Access to Information, Lack of Support and Assistance to step forward, Capacity Gaps, Skill Gaps are the key challenges faced by the people and institutions and Federation will address these gaps by creating bridges between the industry, academia, government bodies, informative websites , funding agencies and all whatever can help to resolve the challenge. Federation is providing a platform to the professionals and institutions to get networked, collaborate and create new benchmarks for others to refer.

What are the strengths possessed by this Federation?

Federation is backed by strong visionaries and dedicated team of socially inclined professionals having decades of cumulative experience from industry, academia, training, social development, policy intervention etc. Beside this, Federation has alliances with leading information portals like SkillReporter, which is referred by experts working with Ministries, UNDP, ADB, WorldBank, Ukaid, EIFE, industry bodies like FICCI, CII, Sector Skill Councils, State Skill Missions etc.

Do you accept donations?

No. Currently we do not accept donations.



What is the benefit of membership?

First ever benefit is you are endorsing and contributing to a noble idea which is trying to improve the overall social and economic betterment of society. Secondly, you are going to be part of a network of thousands (and with lakhs) of professionals and institutions which may help you grow and excel. Thirdly, you are going to get a platform to share your ideas or take opinion of like-minded people to achieve better than what you achieved alone. Fourth, you can have access to large repository of information which otherwise you may miss or quite difficult to find. Doing Google or even working in the same sector for over decades, you might have missed the stuff accessible to members.

What is the eligibility criteria for an individual to become member?

Any professional or institution who is working directly with education, technical, vocational education or training (TVET) i.e. skill development can become member of the Federation. Beside this, industry associations, institutions of repute, national and international funding agencies operating in India can also become member. People and institutions not belonging to foresaid categories may also become member subjected to the applicant’s acceptance to membership desk.

What are different categories of memberships?

Although we have various membership categories but currently we are open to General Memberships only.

Do we get any certificate of membership?

Yes. You will receive a Membership Card which may be used for discounts and access privileges at member institutions.

Can government body become member of the Federation?

Yes. Government bodies or their officials can become the member of the Federation.

What kind of institutions can become member of Federation?

Any educational institute, school, college, polytechnic, ITI, CoE, Incubation Center, University, Skill Development Center, Community College or any institution dealing with any kind of education or training can become member

What kind of corporate can become member of Federation?

Corporate dealing with eLearning, mLearning, Educational or Training Content Development, Recruitment Services can become members. CSR Foundation or department of any corporate can also become member. Other corporate can also apply for membership but application acceptance is subjected to the acceptance of membership desk.


Can we seek Federation support to do district level Skill Gap analysis?

Yes. Federation has deep penetration and possess huge network of individuals and institutions having functional knowledge of education, skill development and industry. Beside this, Federation experts possess deep understanding of the domain, which can be leveraged to strategically design the Skill Audits, Surveys and other support tools to complete the analysis.

Can I seek Federation's assistance to file our project proposal to any funding agency?

No. Federation through its experts can assist you only in drafting of proposals. If required, we may assist you to connect with experts and agencies which may help.

Can we seek Federation's assistance to plan our CSR funds for maximum impact?

Yes. Federation can assist you in planning your CSR Funds wisely so that you are able to make maximum impact, noticeability to enhance branding and achieve organizational growth.

We are willing to organize Job Fairs across the country. Can Federation help us to organize?

Yes. Federation can assist you by connecting with the appropriate individuals or agencies which can help you. Also, Federation can assist you in getting volunteers to support the cause.

We are planning to establish an incubator. Can Federation provide us TA for that?

Yes. Federation can take the TA assignment as we are connected with various experts and institutions which possess similar domain knowledge

We are looking for channel partners for our institution. How can we take Federation’s assistance in getting channel partners?

Federation may connect you with appropriate professionals and institutions which may help you to get the channel partners. You may also avail Federation’s services for Due Diligence to screen the right partners.

How Industry can collaborate with Federation?

Industry can become the member of the Federation. Beside this, industry can share its intent to support education and skill development initiatives so that their opinion can be seek while proposing policy interventions and drafting of National Occupational Standards, can be approached by training institutes for industrial visits, assistance in intern / apprenticeship hiring. Industry can also approach us to plan their CSR funding expenditure on Education or Skill Development related assignments.

How institutes can collaborate with Federation?

Federation is working towards the betterment of education, technical, vocational education and training ecosystem for the overall welfare of the society. Institutes are the key stakeholders in this value chain. They can become members to the Federation, can become the partners for awareness drives, seek assistance in organizing Motivational Workshops by Industry Experts, Career Counseling Sessions, Job Fairs, Innovation Drives; Entrepreneurship based events or can offer their facilities like auditoriums to be used for conferences held by Federation. They can also collaborate for joint research or any other intervention.

How Industry Association can collaborate with Federation?

Industry associations are the face of industry. Challenges faced by industry first come to their desk. Skilled workforce is one of the biggest challenges faced by industry. Also, awareness and guidance to industry to take benefits of government led initiatives is also a big challenge. Industry associations can collaborate with Federation to stay updated on the changing policies, government grants and initiatives that can be leveraged by industry association or their members, informational assistance related to education and skills, awareness workshops on initiatives like apprenticeships, internships, flexi-MoU etc. Beside this, they can collaborate to participate in Skill Gap studies, Researches, Center of Excellence, Clustral Development Centers etc.

What are the benefits of collaborating with Federation?

Federation is led by professionally qualified resources along with a huge network of professional of institutions. Beside this, Federation has large repository of informative content and decades of cumulative professional expertise to complete any assignment across the country.

We want to do some research on education sector. Can we collaborate with Federation for joint research?

Yes. Federation can assist any individual or organization in any relevant research. Federation has a huge network of professionals spread across the country, who can be accessed to contribute for surveys, audits or any other relevant support.

We are bidding for a project in skill sector. Can we take Federation as our consortium partner?

Yes. Federation can be part of any consortium subject to the relevance to the Federation mandate and capacity of experts available.