About Us

Federation of Education and Skill Development Institutions and Personnel (FESDIP) is a Not-For-Profit entity having mandate to work for the betterment of Education, Technical, Vocational Education and Training (TVET) or say Skill Development ecosystem. The organization is currently Head Quartered at Delhi-NCR and will provide its services through digital platform as well as its members across India.

Key areas of focus at FESDIP are :

  • Capacity building of institutions and persons
  • Industry-Academia-Policy Maker alignment
  • Spread awareness about developments
  • Sensitize establishments to enhance their participation
  • Provide networking opportunity to its members
  • Facilitate establishment of Model Centers, Model Schools, Model Center of Excellence, Model Teacher Training Institutions, Learning Labs, Incubation Centers, R&D Labs
  • Support government led Institutions working towards similar goals
  • Facilitate Collaborations
  • Facilitate organizing of domain specific events like Job Fairs, Conferences, Discussions, Surveys, Summits
  • Enabling Start-ups & self employment based ventures
  • Connect doers to the opportunities

Any person / for profit establishment / non profit organization working closely with Education, Technical, Vocational Education and Training (TVET), Professional Education, Skill Development or any Learning based industry can become a member to this institution.