Due Diligence

Choosing a right partner for project implementation is quite a challenging task. Wrong partner selection may lead to defaming, allegations or blacklisting by funding agencies. At times, entities founded by people with wrong intent possess better credentials to qualify eligibility criteria and entities with better fundamentals with fairly acceptable credentials lag.

In order to scrutinize the applications to select the right implementation partners, a set of practices called “Due Diligence” including financial assessment, organization's legal assessment, infrastructural assessment, sector, trade and geographical assessment, past project delivery assessment and competence assessment in case of startup applicants are required to find the competent project implementation partner.

Since FESDIP is a network of professionals having actual ground level experience to gauge the institutions and delivery professional with an access to connect with relevant experienced domain experts, can assist any institution, corporate or government body in due diligence planning and / or implementation.

FESDIP through its experts and members may assist for First Level Filtration (FLF), Business Plan Validation, Compliance Checks as per funding agency guidelines, Background Checks, Discussions with promoters and management team, Legal, Financial, Technical or Infrastructural Due Diligence, communication with experts and do third party checks if required, conduction of field visits or secondary research to validate information provided, preparation of finalize due diligence report as per requirement. FESDIP may support in risk assessment of the proposal and providesuggestion(s)/recommendation(s) to mitigate risk.

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