As the human race evolved, the new practices and procedures came into existence. Although we consider food, cloth and shelter as basic amenities but if we think deeply they depend on “Education and Skill Development” hence require more attention than any other act of life. Hence innovations in these sectors have much more importance than any other sector. We need to explore and look beyond what we currently do well, identifying the great ideas of tomorrow and putting them into practice.

FESDIP here wish to play a pivotal role by showcasing those innovations and their innovators to encourage others, to provide credibility tag to them and make those innovations available to society. FESDIP welcomes professionals and institutions to share ideas, research papers, products, services, approaches, practices, audio visual content, media etc. related to education, training, vocational education, technical education, professional education, institution management etc.

Here in this section you will find updates, reports, high quality tools, innovative solutions like products and services which may help you to improve the delivery. Beside this, you are also given a chance to share your innovation. Not only this, innovators listed on this page will be offered “Innovator’s Club Membership” which will is on cards in near future. They may be further recommended to other panels, if some other apex institution seeks their opinion or to make them part of something new. You will also find other like-minded practitioners who are looking for new ways to improve student learning, enhance student engagement and wellbeing, and ensure successful transitions and pathways.
The sections of this website are based on the Department’s Innovation Model which describes innovation as a process:

  • identify a need for something new
  • learn from others – adapt and enhance existing ideas
  • plan and run your trial
  • share your ideas.

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